The Ananda Guarantee

We at Florida Hemp Rx Distribute products manufactured under the stringent quality control of Ananda Hemp. At Ananda Hemp is committed to providing products with the strongest level of federal legal compliance, safety and quality.

The Ananda Guarantee

We want our business partners to have confidence in providing Ananda Hemp products to their customers. That is why I am pleased to present you with the “Ananda Guarantee:”

“If our products are sold for the purposes described on the labeling, Ananda Hemp will indemnify you from and against any liabilities incurred by or imposed upon you to the extent arising directly from any enforcement action or proceeding by a U.S. Federal Agency relating to the legal sale and distribution of Ananda Hemp products.”

All other warranties, whether express or implied, including any warranties with respect to compliance with state laws, are hereby disclaimed and excluded. Ananda Hemp does not represent, warrant or guarantee against any losses or liabilities to the extent they arise out of your negligence or illegal sale of Ananda Hemp products.